Physio Sport Therapy Academy

"Scientia Omnia Vincit"

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Telefonic: 0770277369 (Luni-Vineri 14:00-16:00)

Despre Academie


Physio Sport Therapy Academy  has been active since 2013 and represents an educational platform dedicated to all specialists in the field of medical recovery and sports medicine.

The Academy  offers professionals the opportunity to participate in specialized courses on innovative treatment methods , organized at a high professional level and mostly based on practice.

We rely on very well-trained and experienced instructors (from Romania, Italy, Spain, Holland, Japan, etc.), on a well-developed and complex theoretical base , and we give special emphasis to practice and individual acquisition of the taught method and the necessary skills.

Currently, there are  more than 10,000 specialists from Romania and other countries, who have participated and recommend the specialized courses organized by the Academy, and the most important thing – they get excellent results in everyday practice.


We are unique through the careful selection of the most necessary and current topics, teaching methods, the competence of the instructors and we aim to achieve the best results in practice of the trained specialists.


We contribute to the physical recovery and improvement of the quality of life of patients with physical/motor problems or deficiencies, through an innovative education of future or current specialists in the field of medical recovery.

The values ​​of the Academy

  •         Integrity – the foundation of our trust and authenticity
  •         Excellence – in the approach to the education process
  •         Innovation – permanent element in the courses offered
  •        Engagement – ​​in the relationship with specialists, patients and the community



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